Plunger Lift Accessories

Endurance Plunger Lift Products also offers additional components, add-ons and useful optional tools that can improve the performance of any plunger lift system.

If you are looking for a drip pot/regulator assembly, a magnetic plunger grabber tool or any non-standard item, you can find it on these pages.  Or feel free to contact us for other items that you can’t easily find.



Drip Pot/Regulator

The pressure from the well must be regulated to the controller and on to the motor valve to the required operating limit (15-90 psi) to operate the motor valve.

The valve is set to open and close at specific pressures set by the operator. The use of a regulator and drip pot is necessary to remove any moisture from the gas.

There are no controllers that can continually pass liquids to the motor valve without an eventual problem. The liquids will fill the diaphragm cavity of the motor valve and the valve will create a spill every time it vents to close. The problems increase as the cold weather freezes those liquids until the valve no longer operates.

The use of the Regulator and Drip Pot can greatly reduce this problem by simply opening the drain valve as needed and allowing the accumulated liquids to drain from the bottle.

The regulator is a 0-3000 psi unit and is capable of dropping the well-supplied gas to the 40 psi required to operate the equipment. 1/4″ NPT ports are assembled with the fittings for the assembly. The unit is also available as an option for use in H2S service with stainless steel fittings and regulator.



Tubing Broaches

Tubing broaches attach to sinker bars or mechanical jars via a 15/16″ pin and can also be retrieved with standard fishing tools if necessary.Tubing broaches are used to shave burrs and tight areas from the tubing I.D. for smooth operation of a plunger lift system. All broaches are heat-treated and feature edges that allow for cutting to take place in both up and down movement.