Casing Plungers

casing plungerCasing plungers are typically used in marginal wells. In many of these wells, tubing plungers have not been effective due to the low pressures and high liquid loading. Removing the tubing and installing a casing plunger can often restore fluid movement and increase gas production.

Casing plungers have also been installed in new horizontal wells. Customers have reduced completion costs by eliminating tubing and using the casing plunger as the artificial solution for the life of the well. Casing plungers produce significantly higher liquid volumes from available formation pressure due to larger surface area of the plunger.

Increase Production

  • Gas sales are continuous
  • All gas production is captured on the sales chart
  • Allows a formation to produce at sales line pressure
  • Dependably removes fluids on a timely, periodic basis
  • Well continues to produce against fluctuating sales line pressure
  • Gas sales increase since formation backpressure is eliminated

Lower Operating Costs

  • Easily field repairable
  • No external power costs
  • Less periodic maintenance
  • Fewer moving parts to repair or replace
Lower Capital Equipment Costs
  • No tubing
  • No pumping unit or rods
  • Valuable equipment assets can be used in other wells
  • Salvage value of present production equipment may exceed the cost of a JetStar Automatic Casing Plunger