Plunger Lift Lubricators and Components

Our plunger lift lubricators are available in three different pressure ranges to accommodate virtually all well applications.  And our in-house engineering and manufacturing experts can customize your lubricator to meet your exact well specifications.



3500 Lubricator

High Pressure Lube Sales Sheet

Lubricator pressure ranges include:

Regular lubricator – up to 2,000 psi operating range


XL lubricator – up to 3,500 psi operating range

High pressure lubricator – up to 5,000 psi operating range

Our Regular Lubricator is available with a built-in flow outlet and needle valve only, or with a built-in flow outlet, needle valve, sensor, and plunger trap. In addition, it is available in 2 in. NPT or EUE threads.

Our XL Lubricator comes in many application-specific designs with differing layouts and options. XL Lubricators are also available for sour service (H2S), cold weather and be either threaded or flanged. Our High Pressure lubricators typically employ R-24 flanges with welds that can be mag particle tested or x-ray certified to ensure quality and bring peace-of-mind.  A Bowen cap design is optional.





The auto-diaphragm latch is designed to effectively catch the plunger upon arrival at the surface allowing free flow of liquids and gas. This is an integral component in the automation of the system.

The Autolatch allows intelligent controls to drop the casing plunger as it is needed and not permit the “Mindless” cycling of the tool. This helps to greatly increase the life of the plunger seals, which can save thousands of dollars over the life of the well.





plunger catchManual Plunger Catch

*Rebuild kits are available for individual purchase.





Arrival Sensors

Plunger arrival sensors are placed on the lubricator to sense when the plunger has reached the surface.

Endurance Plunger Lift offers three types of arrival sensors, which are chosen based on specific applications.

automation_beagle_home          automation_acc_home_b4strap          Two_wire_strap_on_sensor
..Beagle III Sensor                     B-4 Sensor                    2-Wire Sensor