Motor Valves & Components

Plunger lift systems commonly depend on pneumatically actuated motor valves to facilitate well shut in and flow cycles. Multi Products offers a complete line of best-in-class, proprietary motor valves to serve all your plunger lift system needs.

We offer two distinct styles of motor valves to address both low- and high-pressure applications. For most low pressure applications, we recommend the MFC-Z motor line of valves. For high pressure applications, up to 5,000 psi, we recommend our Western Motor Valve line.

Multi’s plunger lift professionals can help you choose the correct motor valve for your wells, to ensure proper operation. Contact us today to learn more: 800-777-8617


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Western Motor Valve        
MFC-Z Motor Valve          180-Z Choke            Trim & Seats           Stuffing Box
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Motor Valves-How They Work:

Motor valves are located towards the top of the plunger lift system at the surface of the well. During production cycles, the motor valve is open, well flow is maintained and the plunger is held at the surface by gas flow rate. When activated, the motor valve is closed and the flow of gas stops. Once the flow has stopped, the plunger begins to descend within the well tubing, causing liquids to gather above the plunger. With the well shut in, casing pressure builds and when the motor valve is reopened the plunger rises through the tubing, acting as a swab to bring liquids to the surface.

Controllers are used to activate the motor valve to open and close based on the time or pressure determination. All Multi motor valves remain closed and require pressure to open. This ensures complete safety if pressure is ever lost or terminated.

Multi’s seasoned plunger lift professionals can ensure proper maintenance of your motor valves in addition to the maintenance and optimization of your complete plunger lift system.