Pump Jack Automation

Multi Products offers automated systems for pump jack automation for both natural gas and electric powered units. Combined with our proprietary PumpMax controller, this system provides years of trouble-free automated operation for your shallow wells that use pump jacks.

Our pump jack automation systems are designed to:

  • Improve efficiency in remote locations
  • Provide intermittent operation in urban areas to minimize noise and environmental impact
  • Maximize production yield from your well
  • Allow communication and control directly at the well site




PumpMax™ Controllers

Our unique controllers for pumpjack automation are designed to work with either natural gas powered engines that have electric start, or with electric motors.





The Multi PumpMax controller:

  • Improves efficiency in remote pump jack locations
  • Maximizes yield
  • Allows communication/control at the well site

PumpMax controllers have a speed control, which allows:

  • Engine to warm-up and cool down at idle RPM.
  • Engine to run loaded cycle in RPM range for required proper cooling and oiling.
  • Use of centrifugal clutch.

Centrifugal clutch:

  • Only requires change in engine speed to engage and disengage.
  • Industrial grade machine clutch (not lawnmower parts)
  • Soft clutch engagement reduces stress on belts, engine bearings, gear box, rods and pump.
  • Adapted to any engine with speed control, no minimum sized charging system required.
  • Configurable on/off cycles in interval mode real time clock cycles with day of week black out in automatic mode
  • Maintenance schedule with cycle hold
  • Manual safety override
  • Historical retention of cycle run times, successful/failed cycles and error log.
  • Gear reduction to meet stroke per minute needs
  • Safety cage with belt guards to meet OSHA specifications


cage_close_open_pumpjack_sm2PumpMax™ Engines

The PumpMax Motor is available in a variety of horsepower ratings and from different manufacturers.  Our most popluar systems are equipped with Honda GX 390 engines equipped to operate on well gas, that deliver 13 hp.  However, we offer the following motor options below, depending on well configuration and pump jack size.

  • Honda 13HP, 20HP, 24HP
  • Kohler 18HP, 20HP
  • Kawasaki 16HP
  • Kubota 31HP


All PumpMax systems offers the following features:


  • Gear reducer to optimize strokes per minute
  • Electric clutch


  • Dual groove belt to reduce slippage and increase clutch life
  • Hinged cage for easy access, and full protection while closed.


  • A drive shaft that can be positioned on either side of the engine
  • Standard mounting plate

For more information on sizing a PumpMax system to your specific jack application please email service@plungerlift.com.