Plunger lift solar panels

solar_panelThe solar panel’s main function is to provide a recharging electrical current to the battery that operates Endurance Plunger Lift family of electronic controllers. Endurance Plunger Lift solar panels are vital to maximum plunger lift system performance.

The use of a solar panel reduces the need for battery replacement dramatically. Saving one day of production from a low powered battery can more than pay for a solar panel. Endurance Plunger Lift has engineered its solar panels to match the demand placed on the battery by the controller.

Endurance Plunger Lift recommends the use of a solar panel with the TIMax controllers to prevent potential damage. Each Endurance Plunger Lift Solar Panel is “Current Matched” to your Endurance Plunger Lift controller to prevent damage from overloading.

Endurance Plunger Lift Solar Panels are equipped with all mounting brackets and hardware to mount them at your well. A 6-foot shielded and grounded cable is supplied.

Note: A ground shield should always be installed for all electronic peripherals.

6V Solar Panel
Output: 7.0 to 8.54 Volts
Wattage: 3 Watt
Amperage: 430mA

12V Solar Panel
Output: 17.82 to 21.78 Volts
Wattage: 2 Watt
Amperage: 133mA